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The Death of AYS

I have thought a lot about how and when the time would come for me to finally step away from this website. I’m pleased to say that the occasion on which it finally comes time to say goodbye to the ol’ Lithuanian polecat is a happy one: I have accepted a position in Digital with the Portland Timbers.

When it comes time to dedicate yourself to your work, there are only so many paths to take. Mine, thankfully, has led me to where I have wanted to be for some time, working for a team or sports news entity in the realm of digital content and marketing. You will be able to find my future work covering the Timbers and Thorns over at, on our social media pages and throughout various outlets for the team. For that, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity from the team and for all of those who have supported me in getting to this position. You know who you are.


What that does mean is that there is a choice to be made for me between the many places my content (and indeed my time) are divided. As you know, in addition to running AYS, I contribute to SB Nation as a Newdesk writer and as a video analyst. Unfortunately, with the opportunity at those two places, AYS has suffered as of late. It is for that reason that I have decided to stop writing here full time. I will still work for SB Nation and, so look for my work on the NBA there.

I have had a wonderful time curating this site, off and on, for the last four years in its various iterations. One day, I may come back to it. The readership of this site has grown significantly, and that’s been incredible to see. I am hoping to continue my career in sports and I am very happy to do that with the Timbers. So come on over to, watch the beautiful game and follow me on Twitter at @danecarbaugh. RCTID.