JJ Redick

Could the Portland Trail Blazers Trade for JJ Redick?

Neil Olshey has made mention that he will look to make changes at the trade deadline in February depending on how the Blazers performance goes over the next few months. JJ Redick has been the player mentioned most prominently by Blazer fans and writers as a trade target. While Redick is a good player and an expiring contract, I’m not sure Portland can pry him away from Orlando without giving up valuable assets.

Redick has an expiring contract which Orlando isn’t much interesting in renewing. Not only is that a valuable trade chip, the issue for Portland is that Orlando is probably more interested in receiving picks rather than players. The Trail Blazers and the Magic are both rebuilding and as such, Olshey is probably unlikely to want to give up those draft choices.

Highkin mentioned that Wesley Matthews, who has a similarly sized yearly salary, could be traded for Redick. That would probably take a second rounder or better from Portland, since Orlando is sure to have multiple offers and Matthews’ contract lasts until 2015.

If the idea is to get Portland bench depth, Redick poses an issue. He’s not worse than any other guards on the team already, so he would probably take Matthews’ spot in the starting lineup.

Looking at career numbers, they’re similar players. Wes is a better on-ball defender, but turns the ball over more often. Redick is also a slightly more efficient offensive player, but he averages 10 minutes per game less than Matthews. Who knows how that changes if he starts full-time.

I like Redick as a player, and if the idea is to salary dump Matthews then the trade would be amenable. I’m not entirely sure Orlando wants Matthews on their salary when they’ve already got Aaron Afflalo filling the same role. And if I’m Portland, I’m hanging on to my draft picks.

Perhaps a better choice is Beno Udrih.

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