Is Domantas Sabonis Coming to Oregon?

Portland, Ore. — Unwarranted rumor mill and high school sports blog recently published an article — a blog, actually — saying that former Portland Trail Blazer Arvydas Sabonis, famous for being white and also for that one time he dunked on David Robinson, had children. No, wait. That he had children of some unpronounceable name and that one of those children is looking to come to Oregon to play college ball. Or something.

The son in question is named Domantas, and he looks the way most 15-year-olds look playing sports. Awkward, gawky, unpolished, and at times, uncharacteristically smooth.

Part-time Eugene radio producer and Fro-Yo enthusiast Matt Prehm responded on this Oregon Duck recruiting forum saying:

“Looks like he’s the age of a 2014 recruit but international recruits are tough to figure out. The biggest thing after a quick google search is that he plays for an overseas pro team. If he’s making money I believe he can’t come over and play in the states.”

Take that as you will. As an Oregon Duck fan and former Eugene resident I would say that Prehm’s knowledge of basketball and assessing talent is fairly limited. More importantly, I would be interested in hearing more from the Sabonis family or someone close to them to understand if this well-circulated rumor has any merit.

It could be possible that Sabonis might be trying to position his son in the eyes of American viewers early by having him play in front of consumers through college. The Sabonis family is hardly hurting for money, and any relatively pithy sum for non-star player in a European league probably isn’t mentionable when significant branding leverage could be obtained by playing for a major school in the U.S.

That, or they’re going to launch a reality show on TLC called Sabonis & Sons. I’m not sure which I prefer. Feel free to watch a gawky teenager play basketball by clicking the video below.

Dane Carbaugh

Editor of Playbook Breakdowns on BlazersEdge. Newsdesk writer for SB Nation NBA. Follow me at @DaneCarbaugh