Damian Lillard

Blazers Rookie Damian Lillard on Pace for Most Three Pointers by a Rookie Ever

Damian Lillard hits a lot of three pointers, so many in fact that it begged consideration for what kind of pace he may be on for the season. The Blazers rookie, as of Saturday, had 157 shots made from behind the arc. That puts him at 2.275 threes per game.

Chart of Damian Lillard’s threes from the last 20 games.

Terry Stotts hasn’t let up on the gas, and has played Damian Lillard in every single game for the Blazers this year. If that continues, the Rookie-of-the-Year candidate will be on pace for 186 made threes for 2012-2013. That would put him well above Stephen Curry’s mark of 166 made threes from 2009-2010.

Portland’s young guard is shooting 36% from three, far less than Curry’s astronomical 43%. He’s certainly not the pure shooter that Curry is, but those who have watched him know that Lillard’s shot-making ability is a pleasant surprise. He hits some of the deepest shots I’ve personally seen a rookie guard ever make. Depending on what kind of off-ball malarkey Terry Stotts draws up for Lillard, next year’s total could climb even higher than this year.

Eventually, it would be prudent to see those numbers remain stead or even dip if it meant his percentage went up a few points. I’d rather he take a few great shots rather than a lot of good ones. In the meantime, Blazer fans can enjoy yet another win from their draft class of 2012.

Dane Carbaugh

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