Rare Ink's new Clyde Drexler print

Rare Ink Gets First Clyde Drexler Portland Trail Blazers Art

Portland has been left out of the loop on the recently stocked NBA art website RareInk.com but Portland fans need not fret any longer. Rare Ink has their first Blazer print coming out this month and it’s a good one: Clyde Drexler.

The print isn’t out yet, but when it does it will be on the Trail Blazer page at RareInk.com. I’ve actually started a petition to get Arvydas Sabonis a print over at Rare Ink. The Blazer selection is severely lacking and Clyde will be the first and only player on the site.

If you’re itching for some more NBA art, I got this Sabonis print from Maddison Bond today and it’s great.

Dane Carbaugh

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